Anti-Vaccine Posts Get Naomi Wolf Suspended on Twitter!

American author Naomi Wolf has been suspended from Twitter for sharing COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, BBC reported on Sunday. Many of her tweets about vaccines are merely mockable.

Dr. Wolf, best known for her 3rd wave feminist book The Beauty Myth, posted several unproven theories about COVID-19 vaccines.

One of her tweets alleged that the COVID-19 vaccine was a “software platform that can receive uploads” and further said, “the best way to show respect for healthcare workers if you are healthy and under 65 is to socialize sensibly and expose yourself to a low viral load.”

She compared the top COVID adviser in the United States Dr. Anthony Fauci to Satan and also to her over 140,000 followers.

Wolf also tweeted that vaccinated people’s urine and feces must be separated from sewage supplies until tests are completed to show whether the waste could impact unvaccinated people through drinking water.

Youtube deleted her 30,000 videos about vaccine misinformation.

Dr. Wolf is also known for tweeting with a made-up quote on a picture of an American adult movie star John Sims dressed up as a doctor. In which Sims is quoted as saying, “If a vaccine is effective, then why do you need to pressure people to say it?”
She has been suspended by many other platforms.
Professor Gavin Yamey tweeted about her posts,” Dr. Wolf peddles horrific, dangerous anti-vax nonsense”.

Some people were concerned about her suspension as it was controlling her free speech.
The US publisher of the book by Dr. Wolf canceled its release after accuracy issues were raised in 2019.

It was highlighted during a BBC radio interview that Dr. Wolf misinterpreted 19th-century English legal terms in her book.

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