Anna Kendrick’s is Overjoyed After her Reunion with Ben Platt!

After Pitch Perfect, it’s been a long time since Anna Kendrick met Ben Platt.

After Pitch Perfect, it’s been a long time since Anna Kendrick met Ben Platt. So when they had a small reunion yesterday at Platt’s music show she was just spilling words outside the dictionary.

Kendrick along with Brittany Snow went for the show which was held at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday. Her posts on social media are bringing emotional whirlwind to the Pitch Perfect fans.

She posted saying: “Our baby is a superstar,” posing with a selfie and a pic where he performs from the concert. She also added saying: “I didn’t even make it through the first song without WEEPING.”

Adding to this she went back to the days of Pitch Perfect 1 where she said:2011, Table read for the first Pitch Perfect. After we finish, I make a dumb joke about how if there were a bunch of sequels (little did I know) there would that one character that be stayed on even when the rest of the cast wasn’t doing them anymore.”

Further, she stated: “I said, ‘Well the *character* would be Benji… but Ben is never gonna do it because that kid is gonna be a f*cking superstar,” appreciating her friend. Besides, Ben has been chasing his desires as he is very much talented and works tirelessly to achieve his dreams and give his best as an artist on earth. “I’m so proud to know him and happy to have spent such a magical night watching him OWN Radio City Music Hall.”

Apart from her Brittany Snow also commented on Platt’s post that: “@bensplatt is the truest definition of these two things: 1) good things happen to good people. (like the most good of people) 2) if you are truly good at what you do and you are truly authentic in who you are…you are magical.”

Looks like they were overwhelmed seeing him sing for his own tunes!

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