Animal that went extinct recently!

Do You Know? 99 percent of all species that ever graced the Earth over the past five billion years have gone extinct.

Animal That Went Extinct Recently!
Animal That Went Extinct Recently!

It takes extensive research and approval from researchers and scientists across the world to officially declare a species extinct. Shockingly, according to researchers, 99 percent of all species that ever graced the Earth over the past five billion years have gone extinct. Let’s take a look into some of the animals that went extinct recently,


Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker was not spotted for the past few years and last year in 2021, the species was officially recognized as extinct.

Animal That Went Extinct Recently!

Spix’s Macaw

Spix Macaw is also known as a blue macaw and is featured in the famous animation movie Rio. The bird had been officially declared an extinct species and illegal trapping and habitat destruction were the reasons recognized for its extinction.

Smooth Handfish

This sea creature was the first marine species to be officially declared extinct. It was declared extinct by the IUCN Red List in the year 2020.


Splendid Poison Frog

The Oophaga Speciosa popularly known as Splendid Poison Frog went extinct in 2020. The extinction of this creature is officially declared by the researchers and the last sight of the Frog was spotted in the year 1992. According to researchers, the Chytrid Fungus Outbreak in the year 1996 led to the extinction of this unique creature.


Some of the most prominent species that went extinct in 2019 include three species of birds, two frogs, a shark, a snail, and one of the largest freshwater fish along with thousands of other species.

The intensifying pollution, climatic changes, sudden weather events, evolution, and human interference have taken a toll on the survival of these vulnerable species. It is difficult to come to know the existence of each and every species before they go extinct. But Scientists have declared the extinction of the most prominent species that were under observation.

Achatinella Apexfulva

The last and final survivor of the Hawaiian tree snail species fondly called “Lonesome George died on New year’s Day marking the extinction of its species.

Alagoas foliage-gleaner (Philydor Novaesi)

This Brazilian bird made its last appearance in 2011 and is never seen again. It was declared extinct in 2019.

Bramble cay melomys (Melomys Rubicola)

This species succumbed to rising sea levels and climatic change. It was last seen in 2009 and declared extinct last year.

Catarina Pupfish

This Mexican freshwater fish went extinct last year due to groundwater extraction.

Bahama nuthatch (Sitta pusilla insularis)

Scientists estimated only two birds remaining last September. Due to continuous hurricane and human interference, the species couldn’t survive and was declared extinct in 2019.

Though these are only a few from the species that went extinct last year they all have one thing in common that they are mostly Islanders. Scientists further explained the extinction that these habitats are relatively small in numbers and more susceptible to natural calamities.

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