Amber Guyger’s Statement on Her Murder Trial!

After her arrest, she was brought on trial and convicted for her crime. But when she came back on Friday she stated: “I am tired and “just ready to go home.”

The ex Dallas cop Amber Rose Guyger was arrested for murdering a black man living next door. After her arrest, she was brought on trial and convicted for her crime. But when she came back on Friday she stated: “I am tired and “just ready to go home.”

When the incident took place Amber had gone to Botham Jean’s home thinking it’s her entity and shot accidentally. Guyger was crying on the stand while the defense lawyer Toby Shook enquired her to explain the cause and purpose of murder.

Amber Rose was in her uniform but was not in duty when she was in Jean’s residence on September 6th 2018 and fired twice. She said that: “I was scared to death,” Guyger said, adding that her “heart rate just skyrocketed.”

The former officer hails from the city of Dallas and stated that she never intended to kill him who was faultless. Then she enacted the incident where she goes to his house and tries opening the door as she thought it was hers. Amber had a bag, lunch bag, and cop vest to her left and stated that she saw someone moving.

So she quickly went to the door to unlock but found to be partly opened. Then she noticed a shadow of someone and took her rifle and shouted “Let me see your hands! Let me see hands!” and by the time Jean started saying “Hey! Hey! Hey!” in a louder voice.

Hearing this she panicked and fired and said “I was scared he was going to kill me,” she testified.

This is the first time the crowd heard Amber Rose confess about the murder of Jean. The murder has brought attention to “national scrutiny” not just for the unusual happening in the case but on a lot of shootings that had happened to black people by white cops.

Sources say that the result of the verdict would be the crux as what the panel of judges would decide on Amber.There is a possibility that the judgment might be in favor of Amber if her reasons are considered.

When the case was brought on Monday, the prosecution stated that Amber was preoccupied with an open sexual conversation with her partner who’s also an officer.So she failed to look into the small signs that are different from her house.

As she was in not in her state of mind she blindly shot Jean who was on his couch eating ice cream.

When she was presented before for trail she kept saying “I thought it was my apartment,” more than 20 times. Texas authority David Armstrong said that: almost 300 and more people living in the apartment confessed that they have mistakenly used their keys in neighbors’ doors.

Amber Rose who is a cop for 4 years in Dallas Police division was convicted for assassination from 3 days of the shoot but after 2 months she was charged for murder after finding she was not guilty.

However, if she is found guilty then she might be sentenced to life imprisonment and if her reasons are valid she might have a lesser punishment.

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