Alabama criminalizes abortion in the harshest ban in the US history

In what might be construed as one of the most landmark decision in history, Alabama has made abortion a criminal offense subject to Class A felony. Out of 35 senators in the state, 25 voted ‘yes’ to criminalizing abortion.

And behind every single ‘yes’ vote was a white male Republican.

Called House Bill 314 or “Human Life Protection Act”, it is now prohibited to even attempt an abortion except “in cases where abortion is necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother,” as per the bill.

Doctors who carry out the abortion procedure can now be sentenced to 99 years of jail time making it a class A felony. Be it a victim of rape or incest, attempted abortion will now be categorized as a Class C felony.

Governor Kay Ivey posted a photo of herself signing the bill on Twitter captioning that ‘every life is precious and sacred gift from God’.

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