Aaron Donald and Devonta Freeman Finally Talks about their Feud!

The soccer ground witnessed a heated spat between Rams Aaron Donald and Falcons Devonta Freeman.

The soccer ground witnessed a heated spat between Rams Aaron Donald and Falcons Devonta Freeman. Things became worse and the two threw words and they were pulled out by Cory Littleton in the 3rd quarter.

Freeman went on to take Donald’s mask and hit him on his face when Aaron was involved in defense. This eventually led to Aaron to raise the Falcons running swift in reverse off the ground and the video clip spread like a wildfire.

After all the chaos, Donald opened up about the issue and said that he couldn’t remember what actually happened. Though he had a glimpse of the video he denied commenting more on it.

Speaking to the media he said: “I’ve seen it everywhere. I’ve seen it. Just barking back and forth. One thing led to another,” and “he grabbed my facemask and I’m like, “all right.” I just wanted to get him off my facemask. But it is what it is. It’s just football, it’s just competitive.”

He added saying: “I was trying to get him off my facemask. He just wouldn’t let it go, though.” “But it’s cool. I didn’t throw a punch. I was just trying to say, ‘Just let go of my facemask.’ But it’s cool, it is what it is. It ain’t no problem, it just happened how it happened.”

Considering Aaron as one of the toughest players in the sport he pulled Devonta with ease though he weighs 209 pounds. However, Aaron was on a plan to throw Freeman in the ground but did not as it will become complicated.

On the contrary, Freeman stated: “Both of us are competitors, it just happened. It just can’t happen,” he added saying through D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC. “Both of us are pros. It wasn’t intentional or nothing like that. I’m a competitor, he’s a competitor. It just happened.”

Besides all this, we have to laud Aaron and his team for subduing their anger and put the situation back to normal.

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