Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel

Angel Carter revealed her brother’s gravestone and invited his fans to visit and share their memories of the pop star.

Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel
Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel

Angel Carter uploaded her twin Aaron Carter’s gravestone photo on Instagram, a year after his death.

On October 13, she posted an image of his twin brother’s memorial, built at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills. On the headstone, Aaron’s picture was etched with the dates 1987 – 2022 and an inscription saying “ Beloved brother, Son, Friend, and father of Prince Carter.” A flower bouquet was also placed by the gravestone. 

On her social media page, Angel Carter wrote “Aaron’s portrait was placed this morning at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.” She captioned “ He adored his fans, and I know how much this would mean to him now having a final resting place where we could all celebrate his life. I invite you to visit, share your memories, and never forget who Aaron was deep down.” 

“He wanted so badly to be happy, he really fought to the end, but he just had too many problems to be fixed. He’d become this person who we no longer recognized. I don’t even think he recognized himself.” reveals Angel Carter for a magazine. 


On the Instagram page, many followers thanked and expressed their condolences to Angel Carter.

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