A sequel for Nicolas & John Travolta’s Faceoff!

It depicts 2 insane characters of the usual John woo’s style.

The 1997 movie Faceoff is expected to get a sequel very soon as per sources.Starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta the action-based film was directed by John Woo. It depicts 2 insane characters of the usual John woo’s style. As per an insider, Paramount Pictures has appointed screenwriter Oren Uziel who has earlier worked in “22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox and the forthcoming Sonic the Hedgehog” and now for the Faceoff part 2.

Known for producing a sequel of films like Fast & Furious, Total recall, Neal Moritz has been roped in along with David Permut the executive producer. The story involves an FBI agent played by John Travolta (Sean Archer) and an intelligent terrorist who goes to a coma which is portrayed by Nicolas Cage as (Castor Troy). 

The film starts with Archer who is looking for the bomb hidden by Troy in Los Angeles. He gets the information on prior before Troy went into a coma and that there are only a few more days left for the bomb to blast, Archer undergoes a face transplant to go as troy in order find the place where the bomb is fixed. 

Sadly before Archer could find, Troy wakes up from his coma and sees that his face has been stolen. So he decided to get Archer’s identity and kills the doctors who did the transplantation. Meanwhile, Archer has to go on top to prevent troy the one who killed his son years back. The rest remains how the story gets unfolded.

The movie received positive appreciation and went on to collect $240 million all over the world. The film was made on a budget of $80 million but gained a huge sum making it one of the highest grossed movies in 1997. Though it was nominated for the Oscars, for Best Sound Effects Editing but unfortunately it lost to Titanic.

As of the Sequel, we can expect many new faces but given the condition that sequel has fewer interests these days, it yet to be clarified whether it will be the continuation of Part 1 or a whole new story. 

Stay tuned for further details on the schedule and the release dates.

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