A-Listers Are Actively Part of ‘Black Lives Matter’ And Some Are Sure to Inspire!

Previously the young wizard of Hogwarts (Hermione Granger) Emma Watson was part of the #BlackoutTuesday

Previously the young wizard of Hogwarts (Hermione Granger) Emma Watson was part of the #BlackoutTuesday when online users shared black squares in honor of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest and things became furious and an outbreak was witnessed across the world post the demise of George Floyd.

The pervasive effort ended quite a problem as the places were jam-packed and # BlackLivesMatter hashtag and added a useless silence. Although it has spread like wildfire #TheShowMustBePaused which was started by the black music world artists to grab attention and donations to the protests, #BlackoutTuesday yet failed to achieve it both sides.

Meanwhile, Emma had quite a lot of criticism around her. Though she was open about her thoughts in social media she did not do anything prior to posting black squares with white borders in her Instagram handle.

Her fans and onlookers asked her why she has not leveraged her handle to share with her 57.3 million fans. Breaking her silence she posted the following day with a headline stating that: “we need to rethink our ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ approach to activism.”

In certain ways, the solution to the question has not distorted and Emily Raymond the writer of “Stars of Freedom: Hollywood, Black Celebrities, and the Civil Rights Movement,” learned about Harry Belafonte, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Sammy Davis Jr., Dick Gregory, and Sidney Poitier — who became famous for backing civil rights in 1960 in part because they joined early and acted consistently.”

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