A Glimpse of the Roles Denzel Washington Played

He played an array of roles and proved himself as an exemplary actor.

A Glimpse Of The Roles Denzel Washington Played
A Glimpse Of The Roles Denzel Washington Played

Denzel Washington is well-known for the eclectic roles he has played over the years. The actor was born in Mount Vernon, New York. He made his debut in the movie called “Carbon Copy.” In the course of years, Washington has played every character possible under the sun. His exemplary work has got him numerous awards and recognitions. 

Washington was first nominated for the Oscars for his role in the movie, “Cry Freedom.” A couple of years later, he won the Oscar award for his acting in the movie, “Glory.” The actor continued to make history by playing awesome roles and also proved his talent as a filmmaker. In “The Great Debaters,” Washington starred as Professor Melvin Tolson at Wiley College. The movie won a Golden Globe nomination. In Jonathan Demme’s “The Manchurian Candidate,” he took up the role of Ben Marco, who is a Gulf War veteran. 

The movie “Antwone Fisher” made Denzel Washington popular as a capable director. In this movie, Washington also acted as a psychiatrist. And then, “Man On Fire” won many hearts. In this movie, he is sworn to protect a young girl (played by Dakota Fanning). But the girl is assassinated and Washington sets about to avenge her death. 

In “Crimson Tide,” a submarine thriller directed by Tony Scott, the American actor plays the role of a young First Officer along with Gene Hackman. “The Book of Eli,” which was filmed in New Mexico, saw Washington as a nomad who wandered in the post-apocalyptic era. Mila Kunis stars opposite Washington, and the movie was another example of the actor playing a wide variety of roles. The list of Denzel Washington’s character roles will be incomplete if we do not add “The Equalizer,” where Washington plays a man of mysterious origin named Robert McCall and attempts to have a quiet life. Only he is not allowed to do that! 

Thus, Washington has been and still is one of Hollywood’s exceptional actors who cannot be stereotyped. Washington is rightly regarded as one of the greatest stars in the past 40 years for all the right reasons. We can just go on and talk about him and his roles for countless hours, but we believe that stopping right here would be a good idea!

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