A Glance at Elton John’s Autobiography!

A legendary icon that every pop star wishes to be is Elton John.

A legendary icon that every pop star wishes to be is Elton John. He started his career in 1967 and since then he has been creating history in the music world.His autobiography titled “Me” revealed that the British singer went through addiction, depression, and nightmares just like any other human being.

After a phase of all these, there came his marriage with David Furnish which turned out to be a piece of heaven and promoting as a father to his two sons completed his family life.

Adding to this the book says that his fatherly side popped up when he visited a home for the parentless with HIV in South Africa way back in 2009. Further, they went on to see a 14month old baby from Ukraine who was pretty convincing to be adopted by the singer.

But later the following Christmas their eldest son was born via surrogacy in 2010 and the baby whom they had met from Ukraine was still fresh in their memory.

It was also said that Elton and his partner were very close to the late Princess Diana but soon their friendship soured when Diana backed off from a book raising fund for HIV which they had arranged.

Elton also went through a serious medical condition when he was diagnosed with a rare complication at his lymph nodes with fluids leaking. He was examined at King Edward VII medical center in London where the hospital did not have proper types of equipment to treat it.

He also shares in his book that, people made fun of his sickness especially on his hair fall that his arch-rival Rod Stewart sent across a hairdryer in a helmet shape which was usually found in salons. But Elton never sulked rather he slammed back sending him a Zimmer frame enclosed with fairy lights.

His inspiration was John Lennon and he was shattered when Lennon was killed in 1980 in New York. He has been associated with Lennon during their drug addiction times.

When they were criticized for their actions, Elton says that his mom said: “Oh Gawd, no, what’s happening now? Oh! I can’t look! How’s she doing that?”

He also shared about unexpected visits to his fans where once he decided to present himself in a Bentley alongside body-painted dancers which were to be pictured as helicopter shots. Unfortunately, only his fingers were revealed.

So, he wrote saying: “always check to see whether or not the person you’re surpassing has taken so much acid before the show they’re unable to differentiate between a man in a gorilla costume and a gorilla.”

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