5 Celebrities Who Studied Medicine Before Their Current Careers

They have proved their prowess in more than one field!

5 Celebrities Who Studied Medicine Before Their Current Careers
5 Celebrities Who Studied Medicine Before Their Current Careers

How many of you have yelled, “Doctor!” in childhood when asked what profession you would like to pursue? Many of us would have said so. And for a large number of people, the careers they have taken up now will be far different from medicine. Agreed? 


Many celebrities are so intellectual that they had been studying highly challenging courses in various universities. Some of them, wanting to be doctors, had pursued medicine for quite a while before pursuing acting, dancing, singing, etc. Let’s take a peek at a few of them!

Celebrities Who Pursued Medicine Years Back

Check out the list below! You might be surprised that one of your favorite celebrities had actually pursued a medical degree before starting their current career!

1. Eva Longoria

Do you know that Eva has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology? Now, you want to know what kinesiology is, right? It’s the study of human body movements. But Eva was also interested in modeling and acting. And, that’s what she is now – a model, actress, and businesswoman.

2. Lisa Kudrow

You might know her from the sitcom, “Friends,” which acquired her several awards and accolades. Kudrow studied biology in college, and then worked with her dad, who was a headache specialist. She also researched the types of headaches. 

3. Michael Crichton

Although Crichton is no more, our list of celebrities will be incomplete without him! He studied at Harvard Medical School, where he wrote a novel called, “Odds On.” Later, he started writing more novels, which have been sold worldwide in millions of copies and translated into various languages. He eventually became one of the best-selling authors of all time!

4. Ken Jeong

You might remember him from the Hangover series. But do you know he’s a licensed doctor in the state of California? As Ken put an end to his medical career, he also began acting. So both the decisions coincided, and today, we know that Ken has proved his acting prowess too. He’s definitely one big doctor-turned-actor!

5. Natalie Portman

She is one of those celebrities who studied at Harvard. She even has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Added to that, she has researched a lot on the “neuroscience of child development.” Today, we know Portman as an acclaimed actress who has proved her mettle in more than one field!


We hope you were fascinated by our list of celebrities who studied medicine before their current careers. Their success stories show that we never know what destiny has in store for us!

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