5 Celebrities Who Love to Cook

Here are some famous Hollywood celebs who love to cook.

5 Celebrities Who Love To Cook
5 Celebrities Who Love To Cook

We all love food right!! Even if you don’t cook, you somewhat know how to cook. Hollywood celebs who post their snacking and dining on social media, love to cook as well. Read to know about the celebs who love to cook. 

Bradley Cooper 

Bradley already showed his love for food by starring in two movies: Kitchen Confidential and Burnt. He has been passionate about cooking since his childhood. After finishing the Burnt movie, Bradley started cooking every day. He adds that he is the kind of guy who cooks with what he discovers in his refrigerator. 

Taylor Swift 

Believe it or not, Swift’s followers know very well about her love for baking. Her Instagram pictures are often loaded with the treats she bakes for her celebrity friends.

Snoop Dog

Besides rapping, Snoop Dog seems to be more enthusiastic about cooking as well. Years back Snoop collaborated with Martha Stewart on a cooking show called Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. Martha liked his way of cooking. She added, “ He’s so particular, his little tiny bits of this and that, and it all finally comes together.”

Matthew Perry 

The Friends actor once uploaded a picture of a plate loaded with cookies. He captioned that he made the cookies himself. 

Neil Patrick Harris 

Though HIMYM star Neil Patrick Harris ended up with chef David Burtka, still he loves to cook it seems.

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