4 Things to Notice from the First Episode of GoT Season 8

Change in opening credits

HBO decided to surprise hard core fans by putting up totally revamped opening credits much to their fans surprise who were used to the same credits right from Season 1. The opening starts with the name:

“Peter Dinklage”



So many reunions.

The most awaited reunion finally happens.

1.Jon and Arya Stark

2.Sansa and Tyrion

3.Arya and Gendry

4.Jon and Bran

5.Arya and The Hound

6.Sam and Jon

[SPOILER] Jon finally learns his true identity

Sam reveals to Jon that he is the rightful heir to the iron throne. Even if this was a huge deal, it was revealed in the most– well, ignoble way. We expected the revelation in a much royal way. Jon thinks its treason to claim the throne but as Sam says, it’s the truth.

Bran waits for an ‘old friend’ (?)

As the climax of this episode approaches, Bran is shown sitting on a wheelchair. He makes eye contact with a familiar face with terrible memories before the episode concludes, sending viewers in a shock.


Our Verdict: 7/10

Bottom line:

Expectations were high. But the first episode was not very different from the trailer. We expect bigger and better things to happen in the upcoming episodes.




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