4 bittersweet pictures you need to see

Alligator detained after trespassing into house

An 11-foot Alligator was detained after breaking into a home in Florida. It was 3:30 a.m. Friday when a newspaper delivery woman called 911 to report a “large alligator acting in an aggressive manner” in front of a home in Clearwater, Florida.

Man helps a baby moose trapped in a barbed wire

Coloradan Daniel Mickelson almost drove past this fella because he thought he was dead. Thanks to his help, he will hopefully live for a long time.

Lesbian couple attacked by goons after refusing to ‘entertain’

Ryanair stewardess and girlfriend were beaten on a bus by thugs who told them to kiss. Melania Geymonat, 28, from Uruguay, was riding the bus with her American girlfriend Chris, brutally bloodied, after an evening out in West Hampstead, London, in the early hours of May 30.

Life has to continue, even where we dump

A closeup of marine animals taking refuge in a litter of dump in the ocean near Sulawesi, Indonesia. This picture is a stark reminder of how we humans are forcing Aquatic lifestyle to adapt to our unnatural ways.

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