25 memes that haunt my boredom


1. Show me another Mexican Gangster if you can


2. The Huawei-Google feud in one meme

3. You must have seen this already.

4. Sneaky and snugly

5. Another buzzer meme

6. I have a very unique set of skills I wish they knew

7. Cat behavior demystified

8. Why do they have to tell that at the end of every horror movie?

9. Everything is better with Garlic Bread


10. Setting new standards for double standards

11. Young, dumb and broke

11. Thug life

12. Facepalm

13. Hysterical laughter with multiple mini panic attacks

14. Comment if you can relate to this

15. We dem’ Boyz!

16. Unwanted shift in perspective.



17. Thor don’t give a damn

18. Best yo mama joke till date

19. ‘Our’ meme

20. Noobmaster69 real identity revealed

21. Avengers: Endgame drew inspiration from Shrek. Prove me wrong.

22. That’s Puntastic.

23. RIP

24. Someone get him a Nobel

25. Humanity has been there

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