20 memes that I’d have to get rid of to stop my phone from hanging

Here are a few memes that gave me a good laugh

I’ve got a dump of memes on my phone. I am used to the notification pop-up saying something like ‘memes are taking up a lot of space’. I don’t mind. Can’t blame me for loving memes. Anyhow, before I delete memes so that I can free some space and stop my phone hanging from time to time, here are a few memes that gave me a good laugh.

1. The ‘Ross’ rivalry we oughta be talking more about

2. A treatise on the evolution of the human brain


3. When you have too many fake friends in your circle


4. Right on the money


5. Oh, they pointed out Australia too


6. This meme never gets old


7. That pun blew Will’s mind


8. Every. Single. Time.


9. Now you know why the Allies triumphed


10. Glad I came across this


11. Laud this representation for its sheer accuracy


12. Simply agree. Wouldn’t want to.


13. Vegans are the real MVP


14. Daddy’s daughter


15. Well, he wasn’t quite right about that, was he?


16. That’s why Language schools make money


17. Well, that was an unexpected turn


18. Genius illustrated in one picture


19. Mumma’s boy


20. You mad Einstein?

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