15 Japanese inventions no one asked for

Japanese people are gifted. They are the most innovative and the most technically cool people we come across. But sometimes they are overwhelmed by their own brilliance and end up coming up with things humanity would be better off not having.

They call this as ‘Chindogu’ which in Japanese means the art of inventing something useless. We have handpicked the best ones for you to enjoy and let you know the perils of innovation.

Evolution can at times take a step backwards and we can’t help but stand in awe of our fellow human beings.

1. An automatic noodle fan so you don’t burn your precious lips

2. A pocket can holder for busy folks who want to work hard and play hard at the same time

3. A solar lighter for the nerdy badasses

4. A manually operated nail polish dryer. Now you can pump your way to glossy nails

5. A shoeprint faker for the smartasses willing to outfit stalkers. On your face Sherlock Holmes.

6. A mini sweeper for the squeaky clean (or people with cleaning disorder)

7. Whoever made this should be accused of child labor and should be made to clean the jail floors wearing this.

8. A smile forcer that gets in handy when you politely want to say “f*** off”

9. A nail protector to save your expensive coat of fresh polish

10. A state-of-the-art cap to give you a blissful sleep on a subway train.

11. What better way to fall asleep than on a soft lap of a (non-existent) lady.

12. Now you can disguise yourself into not just people but even objects until you make sure you don’t push the wrong buttons of the vending machine or stumble across a manhole.


13. A portable, eco-friendly hair-dryer for busy working women with a tight schedule. Pump up those frizzy hair locks!


14. Never let a running nose mess up a good day with this Portable tissue roll.

15. This Anti-wet suit is the last thing you need to give a fitting end to your day


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