13 Reasons Why Season 3: Controversy & Beyond!

Ever since Netflix’s hit series 13 Reasons Why launched its second installment, controversies have been going rounds. As much as the first season of the high-school drama gained popularity among the teen, it also fell into trap of being blamed for glorifying suicide. Now that the second season also hit the ground running, people haven’t stopped tweeting about why they wouldn’t want to watch a season 3. Many even claimed the series to have impacts on affecting mental health to an extent.

In spite of all the criticisms, Netflix has assured that season 3 will be aired by the mid of next year. While Clay Jenson and rest of the students learn more about Hanna Baker’s death in the second season, we are absolutely thrilled to know what the next chapter has in store as apart from discussing drugs, rape, and bullying, the show is a pacey treat to watch.

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