13 Celebrities who have secret ties to royalty

Only my favourite ones

#1. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard III are third cousins, 16 generations apart. In fact, Cumberbatch played his ancestor in a series for the BBC

#2. Bill Hader:

Charlemagne, the famed leader of the Holy Roman Empire, is Bill Hader’s 40th Grandfather according to the PBS show Find your roots. The actor is a descendant of King Edward I of England.


#3. Kit Harington:

Jon Snow has secret ties to royalty in real life. The GoT star is a descendant of Charles II of England through his grandmother. Though living a modest life, Kit happens to be related to Charles II which is, well an irony which he acknowledged in an interview with an English newspaper.


#4. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal:

The star siblings happen to come from a group of nobles who are directly linked to King Henry I. They’re the Queen’s 19th cousins.


#5. Brad Pitt:

No wonder where his dashing looks come from! He is the 25th cousin of the Queen, two generations apart.


#6. Angelina Jolie:

Pitt’s ex, Angelina Jolie has French ties to royalty. She is a descendant of Prince Philip II, the son of Louis VII. It’s not over yet! Apparently, Jolie and Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II are 26th cousins. She’s literally basking in royalty.


#7. Paris Hilton:

Might be obvious given the way she goes about like a princess, but the multi-talented star has her share of links to royalty! She’s paternally, the Queen’s 20th cousin through Henry II.


#8. Hugh Grant:

English charm and Rom-com king Hugh Grant has interesting royal roots. Perhaps, one of the most royal people in the list, Hugh Grant is Queen Elizabeth’s 9th cousin just one generation apart. His rich heritage can be traced to King Henry VII of England and King James IV of Scotland. If that’s not more royal, I don’t know what is.


#8. Johnny Depp:

The world’s favorite Pirate has royal blood flowing through his veins! He’s linked to Edward III and is the 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth!


#10. Tilda Swinton:

The Oscar winning actress is the 19 generations apart from legendary Scottish king Robert the Bruce who freed the country from English rule.


#11. Uma Thurman:

The Pulp fiction star is the 21st cousin to the queen, only a generation apart through her famed ancestor, King Edward I of England.


#12. Ralph Fiennes:

Who knew Lord Voldemort would be in this list too? The Academy award nominee is the 8th cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales and his royal ties go way back to King James II of Scotland.


#13. Tom Hanks:

Tom Hanks is a distant cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry. He is related to King John and Queen Elizabeth II making him the 24th cousin of the Queen.

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