10 Ridiculous Movie Scenes of 2019

  1. Godzilla vs Ghidorah Final battle.

The scene is nothing less of an apocalypse movie. Volcanic eruption, thunderstorms, lightning from all directions, the overconfident fighter jets which are determined to stop all of these by voluntarily running into the claws of a giant creature and only to fall off to the ground, a tsunami from the arousal of the Godzilla which has swollen a giant flashlight. The scene is nothing less of a typical catastrophe movie, literally.

  1. Kings of Thieves – Sugar Plum Raid

A typical bank heist scene with much-expected composure from the robbers who are in their 60s.  First, we have seen it in a billion movies.  Second, drilling through walls, lifting of heavy cabinets, throwing bundles of cash in the bags in a racing manner and a drunkard lookout is not only screams of cliché but also unassumingly boring and ridiculous. No offense to the senior citizens who are being cool and having fun but being invective and rhyming slang was not at all amusing.

  1. Child’s Play – Andy teaching Chucky to be scary

Oh boy! The toy is every definition of being mean –spirited. But the teen wants to teach him to be scary. The weird-looking toy is not scary for him enough which by the way looks like a dwarf convict already. And, what the hell?! When the toy smirks at him the boy thinks it’s cute! Highly repulsive!

  1. Bright Burn – Lawnmower scene

This is another sci-fi movie with quite a few ingenious scenes like this one.  The boy wants to test his superpowers and put his arm inside the rotating high-speed lawnmower blade. He takes his hand out without shredded pieces of skin, broken bones and bloodshed.  The boy may be the child of an alien still having the body of a human.  The scene is a slap in the face of human biology.  Spare science at least in the sci-fi movies, please.

  1. The Intruder – Charlie Peck Killing Mike Scene

Lesson: You should not walk alone with a man who has weird brows and hockey stick in the hand even if he offers a puff and somewhat resembles Dennis Quaid.  This is ridiculous because even a child would run in the opposite direction if someone looks like that offers to take him for a walk?

  1. Shaft – JJ Shootout Scene

It’s nothing new that the scenes are taken in a slow-motion to exaggerate the impact when the bad guys hit by the gunshots.  But the filmmakers should also know that it is a double-edged sword that the viewers can clearly see the flaws inch by inch, pixel by pixel!

  1. Jaci – Every scene is ridiculous in this movie

Preparing yourself for full off-color humor won’t help much in bringing down your level of regret while watching most of the scenes from this comedy (?!) movie.  Note, for the ones who haven’t seen it yet:  you have been warned.

  1. Serenity – Catching the fish scene

This AI mystery thriller will give you a migraine at the end with its superfluous intricacies of the storyline Here is a scene of Dill catching the big yellowfin tuna named “justice” which doesn’t fit well in a Sci-fi thriller movie like this one.

  1. The Hustle – Josephine teaching penny to be a con artist scene

The movie is a gender-swapped remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, scene by scene.  Penny putting down Josephine’s sex appeal and elite nature every time she is taught to win the battle over Thomas. This makes one wonder whether we are still adding laughs to a comedy movie by making women insult each other.

  1. Playing with fire – Helicopter Rescue Scene

The petty argument between the kids and Jake about the usage and meaning of words whilst a rescue operation fails terribly to make us laugh.

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