10 Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time On

Or worse, you might end up watching something that bores the hell out of you

If you like jump scares as I do, then you must be an avid Horror fan. But oftentimes, finding the perfect horror movie can be tiring, until you decide to drop off the idea of watching a decent horror flick altogether. Or worse, you might end up watching something that bores the hell out of you (until you want to kill yourself).

You might get recommendations on ‘what’  horror movies to watch all over the internet, even we wanted to recommend you some. Instead, we decided to list down the movies that you should NOT watch. Because we realized that the dread of picking a crappy horror movie is far more saddening than the excitement of choosing the right horror movie.

Here are the movies that you need to stay away from (in no particular order)–

Await Further Instructions

This movie starts out well– A family reunion on a Christmas eve. But what was supposed to be a nice holiday soon gets awry when the family learns that their house has been sealed from the outside completely. Every door and window. Makes you wonder what’s going on but disappoints you big time in the end.


This is completely opposite to the previous one. The build-up was lengthy and boring (except for a few forced jump scares). The ending was a bit unexpected, but by the time you realize that, the movie had already lost its charm.


Here’s a golden thumb rule while watching Horror movies– The more attractive and devilish the name, the more doubtful is its fear factor. Take any great cult classic horror movie– The Shining, The Thing, It, The Conjuring. The makers of those movies decided to keep the name short and instead apply their creativity in the movie.

And then there’s Satanic

Wrong turn

After sitting through this pile of horseshite, you’ll realize that the actual wrong turn happened when you decided to see the movie in the first place. And top of that, the bunch of teens in the movie give you a migraine with their baseless antics. Please stay away from this one. I can’t seem to warn people enough.

Velvet Buzzsaw

This movie was so boring, even Jake Gyllenhall couldn’t save it from drowning. This movie tried to blend The Psycho with the realm of arts, and terribly failed. No matter how good Jake is, you can’t help but notice how out-of-place the movie is right from the start.

I spit on your Grave 3

I spit on your Grave 3 is the most pointless movie on the list. As if the sequel wasn’t enough, the director tries taking it a bit further only to attain unprecedented illogical heights.

The Doll

Don’t even get me started on this. It’s simply boring and way too predictable.

Ring 2

Pulling off a sequel to a classic hit horror movie nobody asked for has its own perils, and is definitely a no-no. Don’t believe me? Watch this movie and you’ll know what I mean.

Exorcist II

Okay, WHY? I MEAN WHY? Why would they corrupt a cult-classic, timeless horror movie with a sub-par sequel. This movie is so bad that most of them don’t even know that a sequel of the Exorcist existed. If you got to know just now while reading the post that such a thing existed, I feel bad for you.

Halloween 3

My goodness. Such an irony because it’s Halloween at the time of writing this post. Forget ruining another cult classic horror flick of all time, this movie is downright outrageous. Halloween (1978) stood the test of time whereas, all other remakes were disappointing and forgettable. Please do yourself a huge favor and stay away from this.

Do you have any other horror movies that pissed you off and made you scowl big time? Let us know in the comments.

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