Why the world doesn’t need a Real-Life Tony Stark

I know. All of you Tony Stark fans out there are probably prepping up to troll the hell out of me, but just in case you read it till the end, you’d know what I mean.

Tony Stark. The Golden Tiara of the Marvel Universe. He’s been the focal point of the Avengers and in terms of the Box Office, paved the way for Marvel to be a swashbuckling franchise. He’s smart, rich and simply a genius in his own right.

In Avengers, Tony combined his brilliance with his financial might to do good for the world. He’s failed many around him, but in the end, he makes it up, saves the world and gives us a tear-jerking goodbye.

But the real and reel are totally different. And for life, as we know most of what we face is unfair to us. And if someone like Tony existed, he’d turn out be the villain that the world would dread having. Here’s why.

Take the Iron Man movies for instance.

Iron Man, single-handedly managed to create so many villains.

The villains in the Iron Man franchise, the second Avenger’s Movie, and also the villain from Spiderman: Homecoming, are enemies that wouldn’t have existed if not for this man:

Tony Stark’s antics and show-off gave rise to villains who turned out to be evil geniuses. No ordinary sane man can build killer Robot suits, so the fact that Tony has faced off against three such people already only suggests the number of people this self-proclaimed Billionaire Playboy has pissed off.

His massive ego was above everything else.

Tony Stark is an atrocious business partner. The guy is massively egotistical, his company is about nothing but him, and the business is at the mercy of his erratic decision making.

So get this— He was the biggest weapons manufacturer in the world, and one day he has a revelation, turns around saying, “we don’t make weapons now!”

You pull off that kind of altruistic jerk move in real life, that sort of U-turn would destroy a fortune. Your workers would be left scratching their heads, wondering if the man in charge is literally insane. Sure Tony might be able to reemploy some of his staff into his new energy industry but think how many staff are going to face redundancies. Thanks to Tony, now thousands of people are jobless. What about creating Jobs Tony? Congratulations Tony, your new-found altruism has killed the American dream.

Let’s not forget he’s a war criminal

Forget about the dip in stock value of Stark Industries. Tony Stark is a vigilante who goes prowling at his will with his self-made robot killer suits. That makes him a vigilante murderer and war criminal. Not to forget the fact that he makes a fortune off a war.

Tony Stark is majorly involved with a destructive battle that savages New York and is required to attend a hearing on allegations of genocide.

A genius and as well as a hypocrite

Stark, throughout the Avengers franchise, has openly supported big business and considered himself to be the enemy of government oversight. He sees no problem violating international borders, massacring terrorists in his suit while claiming, again and again, to steer away from the arms business.

The whole Iron Man 2 was about Stark fighting Government regulation. He builds weapons of mass destruction and leaves them around recklessly only to be stolen by villains with twisted minds.

It’s only in Civil War that Stark begins accepting government regulation. That too, only after devastating an entire nation in Eastern Europe. Nice work, genius.

Tony Stark is, well, a Jerk.

I get it, that it’s not easy being a Billionaire genius and you need to be working day and night, figuring out a way to travel through time.  However every time he opens his mouth he belittles somebody or mocks your appearance. He has this urge to always make you feel that he’s better than you.

This post solely delves into the character of Tony Stark and highlights the pitfalls of having someone like him in the real world. This has nothing to do with Robert Downey Jr. I know his acting was too good to an extent where he and Tony Stark were inseparable but we need to keep that aside for a while and focus solely on the character of Tony Stark.

We can only hope that we don’t nurture someone like Tony among us. In the real world.

So stay in your limits and make sure you don’t get carried away too much in your vision and end up creating or making enemies who’d want to harm humanity.

That was for you Elon Musk.

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