Nurse Mocks COVID Rules in Tik Tok, Gets Suspended!

She deleted the video when she started getting negative responses in comments.

Oregon nurse faced a backlash from hospital administration after she posted a video mocking the COVID precaution measures in TikTok. The video was posted on handle named @Loveiskind05, saw a nurse dressed in scrubs complete with stethoscope in what appeared to be a hospital break room with the caption: ‘When my coworkers find out I still travel, don’t wear a mask when I’m out and let my kids have play dates.’ She deleted the video when she started getting negative responses in comments.

However, the hospital administration found the video when another user made a copy of it and reposted it on his profile. It was captioned as, ‘Imagine being an oncology nurse during a pandemic and bragging about not taking precautions’ on the repost.

Fearing Ban, TikTok Celebs are Fighting To Sustain the Fame

August 2020

When news broke that Trump is on plans to ban Tik Tok in the country due to security concerns, famous Tik Tok user Katie Feeney was completely sad as she will be losing her 4 million fans that she gained in the past years.

Speaking on this 17 yr old said: “It was the worst feeling because I and a lot of other creators, we’ve worked so hard.” “My primary focus has always been TikTok.”


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Like other users, Feeney replied to the president’s July 31st statement to media in Air Force One by sharing a clip cheering her followers to look for her Facebook based Instagram where she has a small fan following of 160,000. “I always kind of had a feeling that at some point TikTok wouldn’t last,” she offers, “but I never expected it would be this soon.”

Further, Trump on August 6th ordered to ban the app if it does not gets sold by 45 days. Tik Tok’s soaring growth in the country has captivated 100 million people within a short span and has made several young gen popular within a night and at extremes make people follow such faces who have acquired commercial deals, sponsorships, and retail sales.

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