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Celebrities Who Died of Drug Overdose

Many of our favorite celebrities have lost their lives to drugs. Celebrity drug overdose fatalities have frequently been front-page news around the world. The three well-known celebrities who passed away from drug overdoses are listed below. 1. Michael Jackson Michael Jackson, a well-known pop musician, passed away at the age of 50 from an overdose […] More

The 10 Classic Halloween Movies to Watch This Halloween Season: 2022 Edition

With the birth of October comes the eerily fun mood of Halloween. As you prepare for this spooky festival, here is our curated list of classic Halloween films that are sure to make you jump in horror, laughter, and bewilderment. Who knows maybe this list will also help you figure out your Halloween costume ideas! […] More

First Ever Color Photograph of ‘The Beatles’ Revealed!

The Beatles singer Paul McCartney’s brother Mike McCartney had unearthed a series of photographs when he was going through the boxes of films, negatives, and prints in his archive.  Obtained by Telegraph magazine, these photos are now released.  Clicked at Mike and Paul McCartney’s aunt, Jin’s house on March 8, 1958, the photo shows the […] More

Nick Cannon welcomes his 10th child with Brittney

Just two weeks before, Nick Cannon welcomed his 9th baby with LaNisha Cole. Now the singer welcomed his tenth baby with Brittany Bell. The couple named the sweetest baby with a unique name Messiah Rise Cannon.  Nick wrote, “Thank you to friends, family, and everyone who made this spiritual celebration of life possible.”  Celebrating his […] More

North West spotted in Black headpiece in Paris

North West has been following in the footsteps of her parents by following trends. The nine-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian was spotted covering her head with a black piece. She wore the black face cover on her way back to the hotel in the city of Paris. While Kim landed in the city for Fashion […] More

Adam’s First Public Appearance Post-cheating Scandal

Behati supports her husband Levine from backstage when he was in a live show.  Post cheating scandal Maroon 5 singer gave his first public appearance in Las Vegas, on Saturday night.  The former victoria secret’s model is pregnant with their third baby and faces the cheating issue of her husband, who sent flirty messages to […] More

Gigi and DiCaprio spotted in Paris

Amidst speculations about the Titanic’s charm, Leonardo DiCaprio and the model Gigi Hadid having a romantic relationship, the two were spotted in the same hotel in Paris. The model Gigi has landed in the town of Paris for the fashion week. Spotting DiCaprio in Hotel Le Royal Monceau, a luxury hotel in Paris and the […] More

Taylor Swift plans for a stadium tour next summer

Taylor Swift, after a long break, planned a massive stadium tour for the 2023’s summer. “Taylor has some really ambitious plans in place. She’s excited to get back on the road after such a long but fruitful break,” one insider said.  Several shows have already been booked, as per sources. The songwriter’s world stadium tour […] More

Top PlayStation Games of All Time

If there’s one thing that people would never get tired of, that definitely is the PlayStation games. The video game brand has established itself over the years, releasing some of the biggest games history will remember. From secret assassinations to grand thefts, PlayStation has delivered games from every single genre to fans, that cherish the […] More