Scarlett Johansson Lands Role in “Jurassic World

Scarlett Johansson is set to fulfill a lifelong dream by joining the Jurassic World franchise

Scarlett Johansson Lands Role In “jurassic World
Scarlett Johansson Lands Role In “jurassic World

Actress Scarlett Johansson, an avid fan of Jurassic Park since childhood, expressed her excitement about being part of the iconic series, “Jurassic World,” in an interview. 

Passionate About Jurassic Park

Johansson’s passion for Jurassic Park runs deep. Recalling her first theater experience watching the groundbreaking film, she described it as “life-changing and mind-blowing.” Her enthusiasm for the franchise is palpable as she gears up to contribute to its legacy in Jurassic World 4, an entirely new chapter penned by acclaimed screenwriter, David Koepp.

A Stellar Script and Director

Excitement for the upcoming film mounts as Johansson praises David Koepp’s script, which she describes as “incredible.” Koepp, who returns after three decades since his involvement with the original Jurassic Park, brings a renewed vigor to the narrative. Directed by Gareth Edwards, Jurassic World 4 promises to deliver thrilling new adventures in captivating global settings.

Filming Around the Globe

Scheduled to shoot in exotic locales like Thailand, alongside studios in Malta and the UK, Jurassic World 4 is poised to visually stun audiences with its breathtaking scenery. Johansson’s journey into the world of dinosaurs is not just a career milestone but a testament to her enduring love for cinema.


Thus, Jurassic World 4 marks a significant moment for both the actress and fans of the beloved franchise.

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