Ricky Martin’s $20 Million lawsuit against nephew for sexual assault

Ricky Martin sues his nephew for sexual assault after obtaining a restraining order against him.

Ricky Martin’s $20 Million lawsuit against nephew for sexual assault

Ricky Martin’s nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, accused the star of sexual assault. A restraining order was issued against Martin by Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law in July. According to The Associated Press, the restraining order stated that the petitioner and Martin dated for about seven months. The allegations were denied from the star’s end, and the petitioner withdrew the order eventually.

Martin claims these allegations intend to tear apart his reputation. After withdrawing the restraining order, there have been text messages sent to Martin on Instagram, where Sanchez demands to be “economically compensated” (as per the lawsuit) to sort the situation. It is also clearly stated from the star’s end in the lawsuit that these allegations are simply a “campaign to assassinate his reputation and integrity, through false and malicious imputations.”

The star had to lose potential opportunities due to these allegations. The lawsuit states, “As a matter of fact, such actions caused Plaintiff to have multimillion-dollar contracts and present and future artistic projects canceled.”

Martin also claims that he lost the reputation he earned in four decades in the entertainment industry. Losing his opportunities and contracts along with his reputation, the star files a $20 million lawsuit against his nephew.

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