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Unidentified Homicide Victim Found Floating in East River!

NYPD recovered a dead body stuffed into a garbage bag floating in the East River this Monday morning. According to the police officers, they suspect the victim must be assaulted and dumped in the river. However, the city medical examiner is conducting an autopsy and conclude the report after which the police can narrow down the suspects.

The victim’s body is found floating near the Robert F.Kennedy bridge around 11.15 A.M. this Monday. The NYPD authorities reached the spot and picked up the body that was stuffed in a garbage bag and duct-taped inside a blanket.

The driver accused of murdering Ruthie Ann Miles girl discovered dead

November 2018

The driver who unfortunately hit and killed the Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles 4-year-old little girl has been found dead. In March, Dorothy Bruns purportedly ran a red light and struck a then-pregnant Miles, 35, and her little girl, Abigail Blumenstein as they crossed the street in Brooklyn, New York.

On Tuesday 8 months after the mishap, the New York Police office affirmed Bruns was discovered dead from an obvious suicide. She was 44. The police told the magazine that a note was discovered “expressing the desire not to live longer”.

After the car collision in March, Bruns professed to have has a seizure in the driver’s seat and later argued not blameworthy. Yet, in May she was captured at her home and accused of homicide.

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