Netflix original shows that are underrated!

Netflix shows are in recent trends, and it is ruling the entertainment industry. Nowadays, there is no conversation without “So, what have you been watching lately on Netflix?” followed by suggesting their favorite series. Many are in the hunt for new series, so we’ve curated the top five hidden gems in the Netflix original shows.

#1 Lovesick

Director -Tom Edge
Genre-Comedy, Romance
Cast- Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas, Daniel Ings

This series revolves around a trio of friends. When the show was first telecasted on channel 4, nobody watched it. The show kicks off when the hero finds out he has an STD. The episodes in the show are told in flashbacks with a complicated mix of plots and characters. Lovesick is a perfect mix of comedy, romance, and originality, and it is one of the most underrated shows on Netflix.

#2 Annie with an E

Director-Moira Walley- Beckett
Genre- Periodic drama
Cast- AmyBeth McNulty, AmyBeth McNulty, Dalila Bela

This story is based on a popular classic novel, Anne of Green Gables, and it’s about the adventure of a young girl living in the late 19th century. Children can watch this show to learn about the reality of the world healthily.

#3 The OA

Director- Zal Batmanglij
Genre- Mystery, Drama, Scientific fiction and fantasy
Cast- Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Scott Wilson

OA is one of the underrated gems on Netflix. OA is a mystery drama with the elements of sci-fi and fantasy. Though it gained traction among fans, it’s an undiscovered gem on Netflix. The OA runs 16 episodes, and each episode is 60 minutes.

#4 The Great News

Director- Tracey Wigfield
Genre- Sitcom
Cast- Briga Heelan, Adam Campbell, Andrea Martin

The great news is said to be one of the hilarious and underrated shows on Netflix. This series is about a mother who works as an intern at her daughter’s new workplace. If you’re looking for a perfect new comedy to watch, then “The great news” tops the list.

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