Interesting Facts About Lionel Messi

We bet you don’t know these facts about Messi!

Interesting Facts About Lionel Messi

Messi received a triumphant retirement from his national football squad after winning the FIFA world cup. Messi is renowned for his lightning-quick strikes and unparalleled game sense. However, there are a few fascinating details about Lionel Messi that will astound you. Continue reading to learn more interesting trivia about the football king. 

  • The person who inspired Lionel Andres Messi the most was his father Jorge Messi, a steelworker and local football coach.
  • Despite being an Argentinean by birth, Messi obtained Spanish citizenship in 2005. He has two passports as a result.
  • Messi was offered a position in Spain’s National Football Team which he turned down. “I would have never played for Spain. I’m Argentinian and no one and nothing can change what I feel for the Argentinian colors,” words of Messi
  • Have you ever imagined that a document signed on a paper napkin would one day become history? Yes, Messi signed his first contract with Barcelona on a paper napkin because the sporting director was so thrilled and wanted the deal done right away.
  • Both Messi and Che Guevara were born in Rosario, Argentina, in the month of June.
  • At the age of 24, Messi set a record of all-time top scorer for Barcelona.

Argentina Defeats Croatia 3-0; Advances to World Cup Final

Finalist Argentina would either face reigning champion France or Morocco in the Qatar World Cup final on Sunday

Argentina Defeats Croatia 3 0; Advances To World Cup Final

Argentina is one game away from winning the World Cup Trophy after the soccer powerhouse defeated Croatia 3-0 to seal its place in the FIFA 2022 final. 

Star player Messi scored the first goal through penalty while Julian Alvarez scored the next two goals to secure Argentina’s much-needed victory to reach the final.

Messi’s last match before adieu

Following the victory against Croatia, Lionel Messi confirmed that he would retire after the World Cup. This means the final would be Messi’s last game. The last match is also a chance for redemption for the player after Argentina, under his captaincy, lost to Germany in the 2014 World Cup final.

The Argentina star had quite a journey in this year’s tournament with remarkable milestones. Messi is now the Argentina player with the most group-stage appearances in the World Cup, surpassing Diego Maradona. He is also the country’s highest goalscorer in World Cup history with 11 goals.

Croatia: A dream lost

While soccer fans rejoiced in Argentina’s victory, they could help but feel heartbroken about Croatia’s loss. Croatia dominated the first 30 minutes of the game with their strategic play, with fans biting their nails, not knowing what would happen next. The team, especially Luka Modric, put forward a great performance, earning fans’ respect even after losing in the semi-final. 

Luka Modric became one of the best Croatian players as he was the first to take the country’s team to the 2018 World Cup final and the 2022 semi-final. Despite the loss, Modric is a winner of fans’ hearts!

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