Remembering Kobe Bryant – End of an Era!

Fatal Helicopter Crash Costs The Life of Basketball Legend, Kobe Bryant

It is still undigestable news for the fans and sports lovers around the world, the loss of legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant. He died in the deadly crash alongside his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven other passengers.

The horrific incident happened in Calabasas, California and the authorities received a 911 call reporting the crash at 9:47 a.m.

His second child, Gianna, too had immense aspirations to play for WNBA when she grows up. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2018, Kobe said that she’s not only “hellbent” on playing for the University of Connecticut, but she “for sure” wanted to make it to the WNBA.

“The best thing that happens is we’ll go out, and fans will come up to me and she’ll be standing next to me,” the athlete told the host, 52, at the time. “And they’ll be like, ‘Hey, you gotta have a boy. You and Vanessa gotta have a boy to carry on the tradition, the legacy. And she is like, ‘Oy, I got this. You don’t need a boy for that, I got this.’ I’m like, ‘That’s right, you got this.’”

RIP Kobe and Gianna!

Brian McKnight Shares That Kobe Bryant Had All Talents To Become a Rapper!

The prominent singer and record producer Brian McKnight just released his latest album ‘EXODUS’ and during its promotion, he spoke about late basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s unbelievable music talent and he also said that he told Bryant to pursue hip hop.

It sounds sensible as Brian can envision people’s talent!

Well, with so much experience he can definitely bring the best out of one as he has worked with prominent pop icons like Mariah Carey, Boys II Men, and Celine Dion and so on.

When Brian was asked during his interview if Kobe Bryant would have been a good rapper he immediately said: ‘Oh for sure. For sure. But knowing Kobe the way that we had gotten to know him, anything that he puts his mind to that he’s really passionate about, he’s going to give it 1000 percent. He was completely locked in and he was doing his thing.’

Sadly all that Brian said couldn’t become true as he met with a tragic incident in January this year.

The accident took Kobe and his 13 yr old girl Gianna as well along with seven other people while they were on a helicopter for the girl’s junior team match.

Kobe Bryant’s Wife Shares a Heart-Wrenching Grief on Instagram!

If the entire world still cannot get over mourning the tragic death of legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant and his daughter, one cannot even imagine the submersible grief that his wife would endure. Vanessa Bryant shared an emotional message on Instagram sharing how she grieves the death of her husband and daughter.

“Why should I be able to wake up another day when my baby girl isn’t being able to have that opportunity?!” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve been reluctant to put my feelings into words. My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone. I can’t process both at the same time,” Bryant wrote in an Instagram caption alongside a video of Gianna playing basketball. “It’s like I’m trying to process Kobe being gone but my body refuses to accept my Gigi will never come back to me. It feels wrong.”

“I know what I’m feeling is normal. It’s part of the grieving process,” Bryant added. “I just wanted to share in case there’s anyone out there that’s experienced a loss like this. God, I wish they were here and this nightmare would be over. Praying for all of the victims of this horrible tragedy. Please continue to pray for all.”

Jennifer Hudson’s Heartfelt Tribute to Kobe Bryant at All-Star NBA Game 2020

The tribute paid by Jennifer Hudson to the late NBA star Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant gave chills to people present there on Sunday.

The Oscar winner gave a heartfelt tribute to all the 7 people who lost their lives in the helicopter crash.

Hudson opted for a purple velvet long sleeve dress paired with gold-drop earrings that were itself an honor to Bryant. Her performance kick-started the evening and the occasion also witnessed tribute paid by the NBA for the 41-year-old prior to welcoming the players.

During, Kobe’s death news Hudson stated that: “It’s like every time I go to sleep and then wake up somebody else is gone,” she wrote on Instagram. “This news hurts my heart so bad!”

Besides, Jennifer’s touching performance, Lebron James and the Lakers team will pay tribute to Gianna by wearing Jersey with No. 2, and Gianna’s team Antetokounmpo will wear her No. 24.

Further, Adam Silver stated that: “Kobe Bryant is synonymous with NBA All-Star and embodies the spirit of this global celebration of our game.” Adding to this he said: “He always relished the opportunity to compete with the best of the best and perform at the highest level for millions of fans around the world.”

Though the NBA All-star game has come to an end on Sunday it will keep honoring Bryant. Besides, on February 24th the Staples Center in LA will organize a common memorial service for the Lakers star.

Previously this week Kobe and Gianna were laid in an exclusive funeral service.

Kobe Bryant Memorial at Staples Center Today: Live Stream

More than 20000 people are expected to attend the memorial for NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter and pay the respects. In a tragic and unexpected helicopter accident, the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter is still an unhealed wound in the hearts of millions of fans of Kobe Bryant.

Here’s the live streaming of the funeral from the Staples Center in Los Angeles,

The service was scheduled today is set to begin at 1 PM and can accommodate more than 20000 people. 24-02-2020 is chosen for the funeral as Kobe wore jersey #24 while with the Lakers and his daughter wore #2 for her own team.

Proceeds from ticket sales of the memorial will go toward the Mamba and Mabacita Foundation, which exists to “further Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s legacy through charitable endeavors in sports,” according to the organization’s website.”

The memorial is expected to begin at 1 p.m.

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