Interesting Facts About King Charles III

We bet you don’t know these facts about King Charles III

Interesting Facts About King Charles III

All of us are aware of the recent demise of Queen Elizabeth II, which led to the succession of the then Prince of Wales to succeed to the throne of England. Most people must have been aware of King Charles’s marital affairs. But despite his personal matters frequently making headlines in the media, there are a few intriguing truths about King Charles that have gone unnoticed all these years. Here we are, unveiling the most interesting facts about King Charles. 

  • King Charles is the first monarch to have a university degree. He graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in history.
  • At the age of 73, he was the oldest person in the history of England to succeed to the throne.
  • Before inheriting the title The Prince of Wales, he spent two months learning the Welsh language. Even today, he addresses the people of Wales in the Welsh language. 
  • King Charles is a trained jet and helicopter pilot. King Charles is a talented artist in addition to his military achievements. He is an avid fan of watercolor paintings and a member of the Royal Watercolor Society, and many of his artworks have been sold for millions.  
  • The royal protocol was broken by Prince Charles by attending the birth of his two children.
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