Kevin Hart Opens Plant-Based Fast Food Restaurant in Los Angeles

Hollywood actor Kevin Hart opens a new plant-based, fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles.

Kevin Hart Opens Plant-Based Fast Food Restaurant in Los Angeles

Kevin Hart is dedicated to promoting 100% plant-based fast food options. The comedian’s restaurant, Hart House, debuted its first location on August 25 in Los Angeles, and he plans to launch many more this year. The actor from Me Time’s vegan restaurant’s objective is to provide a high-quality meal at a reasonable price.

The chain specifically pledges to deliver food free of cholesterol, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, preservatives, antibiotics, and trans fats. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, salads, plus sides like tater tots and french fries are all available at Hart House. The fast food restaurant offers beverages and milkshakes as well.

According to Hart House CEO Andy Hooper, “We’ve handpicked amazing, crave-able food you know and love like burgers, shakes, nuggets, and more.”

Hart House not only serves delicious food, but it also looks after its workers by paying them a living salary and providing first-rate benefits.

The comedian-actor founded Hart House in collaboration with restaurateur Andy Hooper, chef Mike Salem, and financier Michael Rubin. Salem, who created the Hart House menu selections, supervised cooking innovation at Burger King, where he collaborated in the introduction of the Impossible Whopper.

Kevin Hart’s Comedy Specials Remains No.1 on Netflix!

His recent comedy special, ‘Zero F**ks Given’ spearheads as No. 1 Comedy Special of 2020 on Netflix.

Kevin Hart Comedy Specials Remains No.1 On Netflix!

The 41-year-old American comedian, Kevin Hart is making the headlines across the streaming platforms for his record viewership of comedy special. His recent comedy special, ‘Zero F**ks Given’ spearheads as No. 1 Comedy Special of 2020 on Netflix. According to the streaming giant, more than 21 million people have watched his show.

The comedian filmed the show in September 2020 in the living room of his house in Los Angeles. His hilarious stand-up comedy covered interesting topics like sex after 40, dealing with COVID-19, and group chats with ale friends.

The executive producer of this show was Kevin Hart himself. His production firm Hartbeat Productions partnering with Leland Pookey Wigington, Dave Becky and Bryan Smiley, Jeff Clanagan, Blake Morrison, and Candice Wilson produced. The show was directed by Leslie Small.

Kevin Hart’s Car Crash causes 3 spinal injuries!

September 2019

Kevin Hart the popular standup comedian and actor met with a car crash last Saturday night. The car was found crashed in Malibu Hills and as per sources, there were no raging night outs in any bar or restaurant. 

Along with him were his friend Jared Black and his fiancée, Rebecca Broxterman. As for Jared Black, there is no clue and they were all quickly pulled out by the security guard in the spot by break opening the roof of the car. The “California Highway Patrol says that they found Jared Pinned in the driver’s seat.”

The eyewitness who called 911 saw Kevin being pulled off from the window of the car. The condition of Kevin is quite pathetic as recovering would be not easy. His spine has 3 fractures which have now been reconstructed by doctors.

Medical experts say that his injury was intense that 2 of them were in the thoracic and 1 in the lumbar. Though the surgery was successful Kevin is given a heavy dose of medicines as he is going through a hell of a pain.

Though lumbar fractures make walking difficult or end up in partial paralysis of the arms and legs, Kevin just escaped and doctors have given a sigh of hope that he might recover completely not sooner but later.

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