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Kate Winslet Sends Her Fans in Awe with her Delco Accent!

The highly-anticipated show “Mare of Easttown” premiered on HBO recently. The Titanic star Kate Winslet made her fans in Awe with her Delaware Country accent. The series revolves around Winslet’s character, Mare Sheehan, a detective tasked with investigating local murder. “It is up there amongst the top two hardest dialects I’ve ever done,” Winslet said that it was one of the most challenging dialects to master from among accents she spoke throughout the career.

“There were a lot of things I could have learned into that would have made it sound like I was doing something a bit gimmicky, and I didn’t want that to happen, So I just had to drill it and drill it and drill it,” says Winslet.

The show creators say the actor took many processes to prepare for the role of Mare Sheehan. Not only with the dialects, but there were also other cultural references to the Philly region, including hoagies, cheesesteaks, cheez whiz, Wawa, the Phillies, and the eagles.

Craig Zobel directed the show, and the show mainly focuses on a country and socioeconomic class. Director Craig Zobel recalls his memory from visiting Winslet’s home and seeing “these crazy diphthongs and explanations of how to pronounce certain words that she had all over her apartment.” Fans praise Winslet for her flawless killing Philly accent across all social media platforms.

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