Justin Bieber Trolled For Eating Burritos Wrong

Since when mankind had become so damn judgemental?

Since when mankind had become so damn judgemental? I mean, celebrities getting trolled is not a bolt from the blue but judging them for what they eat and how they eat is quite an extreme invasion of their privacy. This time poor JB or JB lookalike was caught while eating burritos and the photo goes viral as soon as it surfaced the internet.

The photo, which originally appeared on Reddit in the “mildly infuriating” thread, showed the pop star’s lookalike holding the burrito sideways – and biting into the middle.

Justin Bieber haters and trollers were swift enough to comment on the matter and some of them were hilarious,

“Does… Justin Bieber not know how… burritos work?” one person asked on Twitter.

Another said: “The way Justin Bieber is eating this burrito will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Justin Bieber was not the first person to get trolled for eating. Kourtney Kardashian went through such drama while she posted her style of eating the Kit Kat chocolate. Cynthia Nison, a politician fallen on such a trap during her campaign for governor of New York when she ordered a bagel.

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