Brazil President Called Greta Thunberg a ‘Brat’

She Made It Her Twitter Bio

Greta Thunberg is back to what she does the best, Fighting for a cleaner Earth and trolling World leaders.

Source: Google

The 16-year old activist condemned the shooting two indigenous people of the Guajajara tribe in the Amazon rain-forest. She tweeted on Sunday that it was shameful that the World just stood in silence at the shooting of two innocent indigenous tribesmen. The killings were made in in the northeastern state of Maranhao on Saturday.

In response, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro labelled Greta Thunberg a “pirralha”, which in Portugese means a brat. “It’s amazing how much space the press gives this kind of pirralha,”he said.

But then in a befitting reply to the Brazilian President’s remark, she changed her Twitter Bio to ‘Pirralha’, probably the best reply anyone could give to a World leader.

This was not the first time Greta has taken head-on with a World Leader. Earlier Trump mocked Greta by saying her that she was a ‘A very happy young girl’. Greta immediately took to Twitter and kept it as her Bio.

Here’s a caricature that sums up Greta vs. World leaders–

Quite the maturity for a young girl to shut off World Leaders. Bravo

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