Cars that Should’ve Dazzled at Geneva Motor Show 2021!

The show was one of the biggest annual show when it comes to the automobile industry

Evidently, the COVID-19 took a big toll on every aspect of the world making it hard enough to return to its normal axis even after two years of struggle. The automobile industry is no exception to that. For two years in a row, the Geneva Motor Show has been canceled putting the car enthusiasts around the world at disappointment. The show was one of the biggest annual show when it comes to the automobile industry and here are the cars that would’ve decorated the show this year if it had happened,

The Electric 5 (Renault)

Vision Grand Turismo SV (Jaguar)

M5 CS (for Clubsport) (BMW)

DS boss Béatrice Foucher (DS 4)

GR Yaris (Toyota)

Evija (Lotus)

911 GT3 (Porsche)

Hybrid Two Seater (McLaren)

Dacia Bigster concept (Renault)

Land Rover Defender (Jaguar)

Morgan Plus 8

E-tron GT Quattro (Audi)

“Momentus Comeback” Has Been Made Fun at Geneva Motor Show

Feb 25, 2020

Alfa Romeo has now made a comment on “Momentus” on their return at the Geneva Motor Show which is to be held in the following week on March 3rd.

There has been a small video released which only a soundtrack of an engine. Besides, the Alfa Romeo is on the go to pull off a major brand and there are no expectations on the comeback of 8C and GTV as they have been washed out even after having much fanfare in the year 2018.

The current product to be launched is the redefined Giulia and Stelvio with the latest version of Tonale’s new hybrid “as part of a rationalized portfolio plan.”

The Giulietta is still on the go besides it is rumored to get ended by the Club Alfa this year. This is possible if Alfa will get a better version of Giulietta top of Veloce then “momentous comeback” is possible.

If this happens then it would be a sensible outcome as a high-performance sedan with GTA meeting the bill.

But Alfa Romeo has rubbished the rumors of Giulia GTA via emails that were sent to Motor1.com. However, it is still said that the car would come in June instead of March so it’s still fingers crossed.

All this will be cleared by next week.

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