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Donald Trump Condemns Nancy Pelosi as “Weak and Pathetic Puppet”

Donald Trump on Thursday criticized Assembly Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “weak and pathetic puppet”

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gestures as she speaks at a news conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium February 17, 2020. REUTERS/Yves Herman

Donald Trump on Thursday criticized Assembly Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “weak and pathetic puppet” recently when they had a feud on backing World Health Organization and other matters regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Donald Trump stated that: “She is totally incompetent & controlled by the Radical Left, a weak and pathetic puppet.” “Come back to Washington and do your job!”

The tweet from the U.S first man comes as he and Pelosi were involved in a heated argument on the latest Corona crisis.

Further, Pelosi had written to the House Democratic associates alleging Donald Trump that he is “dismantled the infrastructure handed to him which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic, resulting in unnecessary deaths and economic disaster.”

Besides, Nancy referred to the reply that Obama’s administration had questioned and stated that Donald Trump has ruined by taking up the charge.  She also added that: “must first understand the truth of what has put us in this position.”

She continued saying that the president “was warned about the pandemic” in January, “ignored those warnings” and “took insufficient action and caused unnecessary death and disaster.”

“The truth is because of an incompetent reaction to this health crisis, the strong economy handed to Donald Trump is now a disaster, causing the suffering of countless Americans and endangering lives,” Pelosi added. “The truth is a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility.  A weak person blames others.”

She also accused Trump of stopping the funds for the World Health Organization. Here are some tweets on the issue,

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