Chris Pratt Shares His Opinion on ‘The Tomorrow War’

Amazon Prime’s original film “The Tomorrow War” is set to anticipate and entertain its fans through a digital premiere. “The Tomorrow War” is a science fiction-based film starring Chris Pratt, J.K. Simmons, Yvonne Strahovski, Keith Powers, Sam Richardson, Betty Gilpin, and Edwin Hodge. Chris Pratt as Dan Forester, former Delta Force Operator, to defend the Earth from aliens by traveling into the future will soon be ended.

Speaking about the film, Chris Pratt commented on his part by saying that, “I just loved it from beginning to end.” He also added that “It’s a fantastic original concept filled with humor and heart, but it’s also a gigantic movie with a ton of action and visual spectacle. Best of all, it’s grounded in real relationships. I have to confess, making a film where I get to fight aliens and save the world while cracking the occasional joke is right in my wheelhouse. Chris McKay and his team of designers and visual effects artists pioneered some incredible new technologies to bring the creatures to life in this movie, and it was extremely cool to be part of that process and give my input as an executive producer along the way.”

“The Tomorrow War,” directed by Chris McKay, is a much-anticipated entertainment film that will premiere internationally on Amazon Prime Video on July 2, 2021. So brace yourself for a high-octane adrenaline rush when viewing this flick.

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