Bob Saget’s Legacy as Best DAD on TV!

Danny Tanner could have been anybody.

Bob Saget’s Legacy As Best Dad On Tv!
Bob Saget’s Legacy As Best Dad On Tv!

Danny Tanner could have been anybody. He could have been Matt Le Blanc, David Harbour, Milo Ventimiglia, or even Jason Bateman but don’t you think it’s impossible to see any of them at par with Bob Saget’s nurturing DJ, Steph, and Michelle?

The full house had a spectacular cast and Danny Tanner was the dad we all wanted. From instantly annoyed OCD to deeply caring, he portrayed how the man of the house can be both a mother and a father. He showed how tough it can get and how to overcome it with hugs and on-the-spot comedies through a 20-minute show ‘Full House’.

Bob Saget’s Legacy As Best Dad On Tv!
Bob Saget’s Legacy As Best Dad On Tv!

Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando on 10th Jan. The latest autopsy report says that the actor, 65, suffered a heart attack. Rumor has it that Saget contemplated life after Betsy White’s death. The Sheriff’s department hasn’t found any foul play or drug abuse of sorts but they are combing the room for evidence.

The actor/comedian was on his ‘I Don’t Do Negative Comedy’ tour during the uneventful day. His family called upon the hotel security to check up on him after he was not reachable post-Sunday. The beloved 90s single daddy is currently doing his solo up in heaven while his co-stars Stomus, the Olsen Twins, and several others are sharing their mourn over the internet. His fans gathered outside his house to pay their respects. But all of them unanimously agreed that Saget was the kindest soul on earth and it was too bad he had gone this soon.

Saget fathered three kids in real life too. He became an activist following the death of his beloved sister Gay who suffered an autoimmune disease called schlerdoma. Saget loved to make dirty jokes and he soon became friends with Norm McDonald. Saget devoted most of his time to the scleroderma research center.

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