7 Shocking Hollywood Celebrities Caught After #MeToo

Here are some of the celebrities exposed after #MeToo movement that shocked the world

#MeToo movement may have gone silent for a while but the impact it has created is remarkable. Especially among the celebrities fraternity. Many victims including celebrities voiced out against sexual misconduct they’ve experienced which sparked up the movement worldwide. Here are some of the celebrities exposed after #MeToo movement that shocked the world,

  1. Morgan Freeman

In 2018 eight individual women accused the infamous and Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. He was accused of harassment, inappropriate behavior, and oral abuse, mostly by women working in the production of Freeman’s films. This was published by a CNN report in 2018.

One woman, who was working as a production assistant in his movie claimed that she had dealt with his harassment for several months.

‘He kept trying to lift my skirt and asking if I was wearing underwear,’ she told CNN.

  1. James Franco

The accusation seems shady but still exists. Actor James Franco won a Golden Globe in 2018 and after that many women came forth with accusing rumors. Alley Sheedy, of The Breakfast Club fame posted on Twitter, revived rumors of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct

Later a filmmaker and actress told a story about a nudity clause in her agreement while another claimed he exposed himself to her.

  1. Steven Seagal

Many women accused Steven Seagal of sexual misconduct. Actress Portia de Rossi, claims that he unzipped his pants in front of her in an audition.

Many women stated that he behaved inappropriately with them. And nobody knows how many more stories are yet to come.

  1. Ben Affleck

The famous actor Ben Affleck, who is well-known as Batman has been accused of many sexual misconducts. In early 2000, Affleck was accused of groping an actress and former TV host.

And then again he was accused of grabbing another woman during a party in 2014.

  1. Jeffrey Tambor

There are two accusations on the popular Jeffrey Tambor, who won critical acclaim recently for portraying a transgender woman in the TV series Transparent. First, he was accused of harassing a transgender actress on a show, and then he was accused by his former assistant, who is also transgender.

Tambor denies both accounts and says he has never been a predator.

  1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown has many accusations on his record. He even got arrested for it. In 2009 he attacked pop star Rihanna his then-girlfriend. And later on more women have come forward.

In 2016 he was arrested after a woman claimed he threatened her with a gun in his home. (Brown posted bail and his lawyer insisted that he had no guns at home.)

  1. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is an award-winning most in-demand actor. He was accused by actor Anthony Rapp saying that he forced himself on him when he was just 14. Other actors both male and female shared a similar experience. Because of this, Spacey got fired from his Emmy-winning show House of Cards and was replaced in his upcoming movie roles.

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