5 Actors Who Didn’t Have Any Formal Training in Acting

Why and how did they start acting?

5 Actors Who Didn’t Have Any Formal Training In Acting
5 Actors Who Didn’t Have Any Formal Training In Acting

We see and hear about talented actors every day. Do you think all of them took acting classes before they starred in movies? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is No! Many skilled actors who have proved their mettle onscreen haven’t got any formal training in acting. They are self-made actors who honed their skills through sheer willpower, hard work, and determination. Now, let’s look at 5 of such actors! 

1. Russell Crowe

Did you know that he has been acting since he was 6 years old? Oddly, this star who aced movies like “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Gladiator,” has never been to acting school! In an interview, where he was questioned about his method of acting, he simply replied that he followed the “Russell Crowe Method!”

2. Johnny Depp

We know that he has acquired a lot of popularity through the series, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” by playing the role of “Jack Sparrow.” But it seems that Depp started acting “by accident.” He dropped out of school when he was a teenager, and wanted very much to be a musician. Acting was something like a “fallback plan” for this stupendous actor!

3. Charlize Theron

She wanted to be a ballet dancer. But some injuries made her quit everything she was doing and try acting. A Hollywood manager found her arguing with a bank teller, who seemed to be refusing to cash her some out-of-state check! This incident changed Theron’s life topsy-turvy because it made the manager help Theron enter the world of movies! So it seems that this splendid actor didn’t get any formal acting training.

4. Christian Bale

Famous for his roles in the Batman and the Dark Knight movie series, Bale is yet another star who didn’t get any formal acting training. He follows “Method Acting,” and is known for extreme physical transformations for various roles. He is the winner of an Academy Award as well!

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Are you aware that Lawrence once convinced her parents to find her an agent who could help her start her acting career? Through the comedy series, “The Bill Engvall Show,” Lawrence got her first huge break. She is now a fabulous actor, with roles in movies, such as “X-Men,” “The Hunger Games,” etc., to her credit.

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