19-Yr-Old Helps Mom Use OnlyFans Wants Cut on Profit!

A teenage boy in the United Kingdom has made headlines for assisting his mother in creating an account on OnlyFans, a subscription-based website that allows content developers to sell their work to anybody who is interested in purchasing it. The strangest aspect of the whole story is that OnlyFans specializes in raunchy and sexually suggestive material, which is almost always straight-up for pornographic.

A devoted son named Leonardo Hathaway from London has disclosed that he has set up an OnlyFans account for his mother to help her go further in her career and in the hopes of making a tidy profit. Hathaway, a 19-year-old male model from London, wanted to build a racy profile for his mom, Lucene Duarte, a glamour model.

Duarte, who won the Miss BumBum World competition in Brazil in 2019, is about to celebrate all things derriere by sharing racy photos with her followers, thanks to her son. Although most children would recoil at the prospect of their parents disclosing something online, Leonardo explained that he wished to help his mother go further in her career by setting up an account and he would be able to share in any of her gains.

But despite her history, Hathaway himself has done nude shoots for magazines recently. He also said that “We have an incredible relationship between mother and child.” and “I have to support her choices, just as she supports me.” He also explained that “When asked if I support her, I always ask back: ‘Why shouldn’t I?’.”

With economic downturns forcing people to contemplate selling photographs and videos of themselves for extra currency, the trend of shifting to websites like OnlyFans has only grown in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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